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General Store Pub

Didn't know what to expect when my Dad and I arrived for lunch and weren't disappointed! The general store and Stone City have a unique history that our server told us all about. She even brought out a book with historic photos of the building. The food came out quickly and the pulled pork sandwich (called "the dumptruck") was delicious! Only complaint would be that there weren't any enforced covid restrictions, so anyone who is immunocompromised or very concerned should be aware of that. Apart from that I would still highly recommend to anyone in the area wanting a unique meal experience!
Great place awesome service and food!! Thanks Heather
Quaint and cozy. Very nice place to eat and a nice ride. Food was very good. Will definitely go back
My family eats here often and we always come here with no issues about food or service, but today I took my family from out of state to have lunch here with us, and we were seated inside at a table that was already reserved(which was annoying, but we were okay to move), so we were seated at a different table and since we thought that table was too close to other guests we decided maybe eating outside would be a better option. So I mentioned to the manager about maybe sitting outside and she said it was fine to sit out by the grain bin. Well.. after looking over to the area we were told to go to, we noticed it was very packed and they told another big group to go over there, so we were left standing there wondering where to be seated.. so we see a table out front and were told by a employee that it was okay to sit there and be moved so it was in the shade, as we moved the table, the manager asked why we weren't at the grain bin, and we replied that it was very packed, so would it be alright to sit at this bench table. And her response was "I dont have a server out here, but I'll see what I can do", very snarky!! I don't like to feel like I'm a inconvenience and my family and I felt very disrespected. If the manager doesnt have the proper staffing, why couldnt she just take our orders and help us out? So we left.. All I can say is that we wont be back.. they obviously dont value their customers!
Best place I've been to in a while for regular American comfort food. Atmosphere 5/5, Service 5/5, Value 5/5. Would recommend this place to anyone and will definitely be going back 👍

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